A Creative Process

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In the project "Young Journalists on Tour" we had the creative task to implement Hemingways novel into a short story that should be inspirational, change your view on the world, and offer a new perspective.


Hemingways Novel


"For sale.

Baby shoes.

Never worn."


My short story:

Nena walks by a store, thinking of the countless time she has walked past it before. “FOR SALE” is written on the shop window, indicating the new collection that will replace the old. Nena looks around and notices only the heat, the sun above, the people milling in the streets around her. How can there be a sale when fall hasn't even arrived yet? This question makes Nena stops as she realizes that now, thinking about the amount of times she has seen a “for sale” sign in the window, amounts to more than 4 times a year, more than there are even seasons! She then remembers a sign in a shop saying “mid-season sale”. How many collections a year does a clothing company even produce, then? Nena looks up, the question stuck in the back of her throat as she sees a man approaching, earplugs blocking all outside sound from his mind. He walks past, a sad, forlorn look on his face. He wouldn't know the answer to her question. He wouldn't know why companies would even think of creating a “mid-season sale”. Who would? Who would understand the logic behind this bizarre marketing strategy?


Nena sees her reflection in the shop window, the “for sale” sign hanging right about her head. The sign seems to be crying out to her, luring her into the shop.


She can't change the system anyway, whats the use, steps in “for sale”. Sees a pair of BABY SHOES at 1,99$. Walks to the white-red sign and grasps the cute baby shoes. Approaches the cashier, gives out 2$. Hears the cash register pling as the assistant hands back change, listens to the sound of the receipt printing, watches the shop assistant wrap the shoes in the plastic bag with the companies name, “petite bateaux” written in large letters on the front, says thank you, takes the bag, turns around, leaves the shop, enters back into the heat, turns, around.


Nena looks at the store, wondering why she just bought the shoes. She doesn't have kids, or family.


They will NEVER be WORN.

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